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All Muslims Are Not Terrorists essays

All Muslims Are Not Terrorists essays Although all people from all parts of the world should be aware of the catastrophic terrorist attack that occurred in the United States on September eleventh, 2001 as well as the heartbreak it caused for at least five thousand families, the racial profiling and stereotyping of Middle Eastern people, which is a result of this event, must stop. The attackers of nine eleven were in fact Muslims. However, it does not follow that since those particular terrorists were Muslim that all Muslims are terrorists. Perhaps, a possible solution to ending the use of this stereotype would be to treat all people as if they are terrorists, with respect to airport security taking people aside for extra questioning. The media are the principle suppliers of false information about Muslims; feeding the public stereotypes that all Muslims are terrorists, and that the Quran, their holy book, promotes violence. An example of a time where the media has affected what the public believed was after the World Trade Center bombing of February 26, 1995. According to information gathered by columnist Pricilia Martinez, the media portrayed American Muslims as a people, as the cause of the event. The media had accused Racial profiling is a second example of how the stereotype Muslims have against them is being implemented in at least one major aspect of daily life. That aspect is flying. At airports everyday, hundreds of people who fit the physical description of a Middle Easterner, dark hair, and dark features, beards, possibly wearing a turbin, are being taken aside for extra checking by security. One airline, Delta Air, has even gone as far as asking a man to get off the plane. The mans name is Ashraf Khan, from Pakistan, and he claimed that he was told by one of the pilots, I want you to pick up your luggage inside the plane and I don't want you to fly with me on this flight. Me and my crew make ...

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What Are Good SAT Scores for Colleges 101 Schools + Advice

What Are Good SAT Scores for Colleges 101 Schools + Advice SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips As you apply to college, it's important to understand how high of an SAT score you will need to aim for on test day. This raises the question:what aregood SAT scores for colleges? And notjust any colleges, but your colleges specifically? In this article, we’ll examine the SAT scores needed for college and how these scores can varydue todifferences in factors such as school prestige and competitiveness. We’ll then show you how to look for average SAT scores for colleges and how to set your own SAT goal score. What Are Good SAT Scores for Colleges? First off, what are good SAT scores for colleges? In reality, there's no single answer to this question because good SAT scores for universities vary depending on where you’re applying. For some schools, an SAT score of 1400 will be significantly high, whereas for others (i.e., top-20 colleges) it’ll be fairly low. As you might've guessed, ultra-competitive,top-ranked schools typically look for some of the highest SAT scores in applicants. Below is a chart containing thetop 25 US schools (as ranked by US News) and their ranges of SAT scoresfor incoming students. This data highlights the SAT score you'll need to get in order to give yourself the best shot at securing admissioninto ahighly competitive school.For each school, we give you theaverage SAT score, 25th percentile score, and 75th percentile score of incoming students. A 25th percentile score means that 25% of students scored at or below this threshold, while a 75th percentile score means that 75% of students scored at or below this threshold. Thus, the 25th and 75th percentiles represent the middle 50% SAT scores of admitted applicants- the average SAT score range for a particular school.GoodSAT scores for universities are usually those in the 75th percentile or higher (i.e., anything above the middle 50%). Note:For those curious about what kinds of SAT scores are required for Ivy League schools, I’ve bolded all eight Iviesin the table below. This should make it easier to compare the SAT scores of Ivies with those of non-Ivies. SAT Scores for Top 25 US Schools School US News Ranking 25th %ile SAT Score 75th %ile SAT Score Avg SAT Score Princeton 1 1430 1570 1500 Harvard 2 1460 1590 1520 Columbia 3 (tie) 1450 1580 1515 MIT 3 (tie) 1490 1570 1528 UChicago 3 (tie) 1480 1580 1530 Yale 3 (tie) 1420 1590 1505 Stanford 7 1390 1540 1465 Duke 8 (tie) 1390 1580 1485 Penn 8 (tie) 1420 1560 1490 Johns Hopkins 10 (tie) 1460 1580 1520 Northwestern 10 (tie) 1420 1560 1490 Caltech 12 (tie) 1530 1590 1560 Dartmouth 12 (tie) 1430 1560 1478 Brown 14 (tie) 1405 1570 1488 Vanderbilt 14 (tie) 1400 1550 1475 Cornell 16 (tie) 1390 1550 1470 Rice 16 (tie) 1490 1580 1535 Notre Dame 18 1370 1520 1445 UCLA 19 (tie) 1240 1490 1365 WUSTL 19 (tie) 1470 1570 1505 Emory 21 1350 1520 1435 Georgetown 22 (tie) 1350 1520 1435 UC Berkeley 22 (tie) 1330 1530 1430 USC 22 (tie) 1300 1500 1400 Carnegie Mellon 25 (tie) 1430 1560 1495 UVA 25 (tie) 1290 1470 1365 As you can see from this chart, the SAT scores you’ll need for top 25 schools vary slightly but are overall quite high.Of these schools, UCLA has the lowest SAT scores: the middle 50% of its incoming students scored between 1240 and 1490, or the 80th and 98th percentiles. By contrast,Caltech maintains the highest SAT scores:only 25% of incoming studentsscored at or below 1530- an extremely impressive SAT score in the 99th percentile! Even more impressive, a whopping 75% of Caltech students scored at or below a near-perfect score of 1590. Top schools are like center brownies: lots of people compete for them, but only a few will win access to one. But what if you’re not interested in applying to only top-25 schools? To lend you a hand, we've gathered SAT score information for 76 additional schools.All of the schools selected for this listare relatively well known- some more so in their respective regions- andvary from large public institutions to small liberal arts colleges. Whereas some are extremely competitive, others are more laid-back. But all are definitely worth considering for college! All schools below areorganized alphabetically.To find a specific school, use ctrl + F to type in the name of the school you're searching for. Note that University of California schools are listed using "UC." SAT Scores for 76 Popular Schools School 25th %ile SAT Score 75th %ile SAT Score Avg SAT Score American University 1180 1350 1260 Amherst College 1430 1560 1492 Baylor University 1190 1360 1275 Binghamton University 1290 1431 1361 Boston College 1320 1490 1405 Boston University 1300 1480 1380 Bowdoin College 1290 1510 1390 Brigham Young University (BYU) 1210 1410 1310 California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) 1220 1400 1293 Chapman University 1190 1360 1270 Claremont McKenna College 1420 1560 1490 College of William and Mary 1300 1480 1390 Drexel University 1160 1360 1260 George Washington University(GWU) 1280 1440 1355 Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) 1090 1520 1295 Harvey Mudd College 1470 1570 1520 Indiana University Bloomington 1140 1350 1246 Lehigh University 1270 1430 1347 Loyola Marymount University 1180 1360 1269 Miami University 1190 1380 1285 Michigan State University(MSU) 1100 1320 1204 Middlebury College 1320 1510 1404 New York University (NYU) 1290 1490 1382 Northeastern University 1370 1520 1445 Ohio State University(OSU) 1260 1450 1344 Pace University 1070 1240 1137 Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) 1160 1340 1247 Pepperdine University 1200 1390 1294 Pitzer College 1310 1490 1394 Pomona College 1370 1530 1450 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute(RPI) 1320 1500 1399 Rutgers University 1190 1400 1300 Scripps College 1290 1460 1384 Stony Brook University- SUNY 1210 1410 1304 Syracuse University 1160 1350 1255 Temple University 1130 1310 1221 Texas AM University 1140 1360 1252 Texas Christian University (TCU) 1130 1330 1230 Trinity College 1190 1440 1320 Tufts University 1410 1540 1475 Tulane University 1330 1490 1410 UC Davis 1120 1360 1240 UC Irvine 1170 1410 1286 UC Riverside 1090 1300 1179 UC San Diego(UCSD) 1140 1380 1257 UC Santa Barbara(UCSB) 1270 1500 1385 UC Santa Cruz 1160 1370 1263 United States Military Academy(West Point) 1185 1400 1300 United States Naval Academy 1250 1450 1410 University of Alabama 1050 1280 1177 University of Arizona 1100 1340 1182 University of Cincinnati 1120 1340 1233 University of Colorado Boulder(CU Boulder) 1150 1345 1248 University of Connecticut (UConn) 1110 1390 1250 University of Florida 1240 1410 1318 University of Georgia (UGA) 1200 1370 1281 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign(UIUC) 1340 1500 1420 University of Iowa 1100 1400 1240 University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass) 1180 1360 1269 University of Miami 1220 1410 1316 University of Michigan 1330 1500 1415 University of Minnesota, Twin Cities 1270 1480 1358 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) 1260 1440 1347 University of Pittsburgh 1240 1418 1330 University of Rochester 1250 1490 1370 University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) 1160 1390 1275 University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) 1220 1430 1315 University of Vermont 1180 1350 1259 University of Washington 1190 1420 1310 University of Wisconsin- Madison 1280 1450 1359 Vassar College 1370 1510 1420 Villanova University 1250 1440 1345 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) 1180 1360 1268 Wake Forest University 1260 1440 1350 Wellesley College 1360 1530 1437 Williams College 1400 1570 1468 School 25th %ile SAT Score 75th %ile SAT Score Avg SAT Score The list above is only a fraction of the length of Santa's naughty-or-nice list. Want to learn more about the SAT but tired of reading blog articles? Then you'll love our free, SAT prep livestreams. Designed and led by PrepScholar SAT experts, these live video events are a great resource for students and parents looking to learn more about the SAT and SAT prep. Click on the button below to register for one of our livestreams today! How to Find Average SAT Scores for Colleges With these two charts, we've given you- in addition to the 25th and 75th percentile SAT scores for each school- the average SAT scores of admitted applicants. These averages tell us what kinds of SAT scores you shouldaim for in order to match (or even possiblyexceed!) the qualifications of previously admitted students. But where can you findaverage SAT scores for colleges? The two best resources to look for SAT averages are ourPrepScholar database andofficial school websites. Method 1: Use the PrepScholar Database We at PrepScholar maintain a robust databaseyou can use to get more information onthe SAT scores needed for college. Start by typing in "[School Name] PrepScholar"or "[School Name] PrepScholar SAT"on Google. For example, here's the page I got when I searched for "university of oregon prepscholar": Click the link to either your school'sAdmission Requirements page orSAT Scores and GPA page in our database. I decided to look at the University of Oregon's Admission Requirements page(the first link in the screenshot above). Once on your school's PrepScholar page, scroll down to look for a section about its SAT scores. Straight away, you should be able to spot your school'saverage SAT score in a blue banner: If you'd like to see the 25th and 75th percentile SAT scores for your school as well, simply scroll down to look at the percentile chart: This is all you need to do to find the average SAT scores for colleges. However, if you’re having trouble locating a specific school in our PrepScholar database, move on to Method 2. Method 2: Use Official School Websites This method involves lookingfor SAT score information on aschool's official website.The easiest way to do this is to hop on Google, search for "[School Name] average SAT scores," and then click any links to official pages discussing SAT scores for your school. Another (slightly less convenient) method is tobrowseyour school'swebsite and intermittently usectrl + F to look for anymentions of SAT scores. The best pages to searchare those offering information onadmission statistics, the new freshman class, and facts and figures. That said, not allschools report average SAT scores. Whereas some won't release any SAT score information at all,other schools might report SAT scores of admitted applicants in the form of 25th and 75th percentile scores. One example of this is Princeton, whichoffers middle 50% SAT score ranges for both sections on the SAT. According to this Ivy League school, the middle 50% is 730-790 for Math and 700-770 for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing. In other words,25% of students scored1430 or below and 75% of students scored 1560 or below. Although this range isn’tthe same as an average, it does give us the information we ultimately want to know:what kind of SAT scores are considered better than average (and below average) at this particularschool. This freakishly beautiful kitten is anything but average. How to Set an SAT Goal Score We've seen how widely SAT scores for universities can vary; now, it’s time to figure out what score you'll need for your colleges specifically. In other words, what shouldyourSAT goal score be? A goal score is the SAT score most likely to get you into at least one of the colleges you're applying to (excluding safety schools). Ideally, it'll get you into all of them! Because SAT expectations can vary greatly by school and because there's such an enormous array of colleges you can apply to,your SAT goal score will be yours and yours alone.Other students might have higher or lower goal scores than you- but none of that matters. In the end, what does matter is your goal score’s likelihood of getting you into the college of your dreams! To find your SAT goal score, follow these three simple steps. Step 1: Make a Chart First off, make a table for the schools you're applying to and their 25th/75th percentile SAT scores. You may download our worksheet or draw a table similar to the one below. On the left, list all the schools you plan to apply to (excluding any safety schools you’re about90% certain you’ll get into). Here's an example: School 25th Percentile 75th Percentile UT Austin Texas AM Baylor TCU Step 2: Find SAT Score Info Online Your next step is to look for SAT score information for each of the schools in your table.To do this, follow the same steps as outlined in Method 1 for finding average SAT scores for colleges. Once again, here are the steps you'll need to take: Step 1: Search for "[School Name] PrepScholar SAT" on Google and click on the PrepScholar page for your school (either the Admission Requirements page or SAT Scores and GPA page will work). Step 2: Scroll down to the SAT section on this page to find a chart listing the 25th percentile, 75th percentile, and average SAT scores for this school. Step 3: Recordthe 25th and 75th percentile scores in your chart. In addition to using our database, you can search for "[School Name] SAT scores" on Google and look for official web pagesfor your school. Many schools will report either average SAT scores or the middle 50% of SAT scores(which is what you'll want for your chart). As a reminder, the minimum score in a 50% range is the 25th percentile, and the maximum is the 75th percentile. Once you've found SAT score information for all your schools, your chart should look like this: School Name 25th Percentile 75th Percentile UT Austin 1160 1390 Texas AM 1140 1360 Baylor 1190 1360 TCU 1130 1330 Step 3: Find Your Target Score Now, you’ll use the information in your chart to findyour target SAT score. To do this, simply look for the highest 75th percentile score in your chart.This will be your SAT target score. You must hit this (or near this) score in order to give yourself the best chance of admission to all the schools you're applying to. In this case, my goal score would be 1390 (for UT Austin), as this is the highest score in my chart. To figure out your (estimated) goal scores for each section (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing + Math), you candivide your goal score by 2.So a composite 1390 goal score would come out to a 690-700 EBRW goal score and a 690-700 Math goal score. My goal score? 100% completion in Breath of the Wild. (Brett Chalupa/Flickr) Summary: What Are Good SAT Scores for Colleges? Simply put, there is no one definition for good SAT scores for colleges. On the contrary, the SAT scores needed for college can vary significantly depending on schools' SAT expectations and where you’re applying. While some institutions might look for scores in the 99th percentile, others might accept scores closer to the national average. In general, good SAT scores for colleges are those that arein the 75th percentile or higher for your schools.Such a scoreshould elevate you well above the average SAT scores for yourschools, ultimately allowing you tostand apartfrom other applicants. Tofind average SAT scores for colleges, we recommend perusingeither our PrepScholar database or your schools' official websites. Finally, to set an SAT goal score, just follow these three easy steps: Step 1: Make a chart with all of the schools you're applying to(excluding safety schools) and their 25th and 75th percentiles. Step 2: Find SAT score information online by using either our database or your schools' official websites. Record the 25th and 75th percentilesin your chart. Step 3: Locate the highest75th percentile score in your chart.This will be your SAT goal score, as it's the one most likely to get you accepted to all the schools you're applying to. What’s Next? Still curious about good SAT scores for colleges?Read all about average SAT scores to see how they vary for different groups of test takers and learn what great, good, and poor SAT scores look like. Need additional help with setting an SAT goal score? Check out our step-by-step guide on how to seta target score for your schools. Readyto get the best SAT score you can get?With our completely customizable prep program, you can target your weaknesses and hone the skills you'll need most for test day. We also offer a ton ofexpert SAT tips and tricks to help you get the score you need for college! Disappointed with your scores? Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points?We've written a guide about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now:

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Financial management and risk analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Financial management and risk analysis - Essay Example The new assembly cell requires three cell programmer/operators recruited at a salary of  £20,000 per year each. The cell robots are expected to last for 5 years, after which they can be sold off for an estimated price of  £1,000 each. The company’s cost of capital is currently 10%. This is a two-option financial investment appraisal case which compares the cost of operating an existing sub-assembly line with the cost of a new automated assembly cell. Both options incur costs we could compare to find out which option results in lower expenses over the next five years. Any savings will increase profits, which we can then transform into additional value that would benefit our shareholders. We utilised common investment criteria to analyse this project, and considered other factors that may affect its financial viability. We included our suggested solutions and potential effects on the final decision through a sensitivity analysis, which takes into account: 1. The cost of replacing our eight fitters and with three skilled operators. We included the effect of granting separation pay to each displaced operator and made a recommendation on how much we could afford to pay. The key insight to our problem is to match the cash flows for both options. Option 1 is our existing sub-assembly line, whilst Option 2 would be our proposed investment in new automated machines. Each option has a cash outflow over the next five years. Whilst Option 1 would not require a large cash outflow now, it has the same level of cash flows we are currently spending to maintain the line. In contrast, Option 2 demands a large cash outflow now, but this would result in lower cash flows over the next five years. We compared both cash flow forecasts and arrived at a net cash flow, which is the amount of working capital we would save from the lower cash requirements of Option 2. A basic assumption is that the sub-assembly line’s productivity would be constant, and that

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Aircraft Crash Analysis & Design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Aircraft Crash Analysis & Design - Essay Example All of the 297 passengers and 12 crew members evacuated the aircraft before the fire reached the escape doors. All of the passengers and crew members survived with only 12 were seriously injured. People called it a miracle and the role played by the highly trained crew members in an emergency situation was appreciated. The passenger cabin had eight emergency exit doors. Six of the doors are used in Type A emergency and the other two doors are used in Type l emergency. All of the doors were similar in operation. They had a design to be opened either from interior or the exterior. According to the operating manual of Airbus cabin crew the instruction states that opening the doors from interior in normal operations, the door control handle must be completely up. All of the doors were equipped with door assist system which had an emergency operation cylinder and a damper. Damper helps in limiting the travel of the door in normal operations especially when the conditions are windy. But in an emergency situation the damper acts as an actuator in order to open the door automatically. The damper is operated by compressed nitrogen gas which is stored in specially designed cylinders which have pressure gauge. Slide arm lever controls the release of nitrogen by and actuating device. When the arm lever is at armed state as normally it is during landing as a result the door assist opens the door automatically. Each emergency door also has a prismatic lens. The plane had 8 evacuation escape devices to help in fast occupant way out in state of an emergency. It had 2 single lane slides at emergency doors R3 and L3 and six double lane rafts at emergency doors R1, R2, R4, L1 and L2. The deployment and inflation of the rafts were automatically started when the emergency doors are opened. Normally the deployment and inflation time of rafts is 16 seconds but on Airbus A340 it is 8 seconds. There is no sign that the international

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Explain What Is Meant By The T :: essays research papers

Explain what is meant by the term â€Å"an economic model† and outline a model of price and output determination in a free market. Examine the effect of a change in real disposable income on equilibrium price and output. An economic model or theory is a simplified explanation and analysis of economic behaviour. It allows us to predict, and therefore intervene, if we do not like the outcome of a possible chain of events.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Theories and models are mainly derived from past responses to similar stimuli or from statistical surveys, and this information may not always be accurate as it assumes ceteris paribus, or all other things remaining equal. For example, figures may show that the number of people smoking doubled when the price of cigarettes halved in the 1960’s. This does not mean to say that following a similar price reduction today, the response would be the same, as advertising has increased the awareness of the dangers of smoking. Such a difference in behaviour patterns can be explained when we consider that economics is a social science, concerned with people, who have a free will and cannot be made subject to laws. This also explains why many models are generalised, dealing with trends in economic behaviour rather than the choice of the individual, as this varies and is difficult to surmise and predict.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  A market is a place where buyers and sellers communicate for the purpose of the exchange of a good. In free market, the price of a good can fluctuate, determined by supply and demand. When economists discuss demand, they mean effective demand, or how much people will want, and can afford to buy at any given price of a product. This means that demand is dependent on price. The graph above is a demand curve that illustrates that as price rises, demand falls. This enables movement along the curve, which we term an expansion or contraction of demand, depending on the direction of this movement. Like most economic models, it is simplified and assumes ceteris paribus that price and demand have an inversely proportional relationship. This theory does not account for goods which are nesscessities or that have few close substitutes, for whom demand may remain constant with price changes.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Similarly, there is a supply curve that shows the relationship between price and supply. The economic theory here is that the higher price a good commands, the higher your profit margin will be (assuming costs of production remain constant).

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Automobile and Swot Analysis Essay

1. Introduction This report is based on the company Mercedes Benz, and the chosen country is Singapore. The purpose of the report is to conduct an environmental and marketing analysis of Mercedes Benz in Singapore. Firstly, this report will state the company background. Next, it will state the country background. Thirdly, it will state the SWOT analysis. Fourthly, it will state the PEST analysis. After that, it will state the marketing strategy, new product development, and lastly the conclusion. Company background Mercedes-Benz is a German car company, some sort of multinational department from the German company Daimler AG. The company is used intended for high-class motor vehicles, buses, motor coachs, as well as vehicles. The particular brand made an appearance in 1926 within Daimler-Benz yet history the sources to Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft’s 1901 Mercedes and to Karl Benz’s 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen, which is commonly viewed as the first car. Mercedes-Benz’s slogan is â€Å"Das Beste oder nichts† (English: â€Å"The best or nothing†). Mercedes-Benz is just about the most commonly known as well as set up car makes in the world, which is on the list of the world’s oldest car company nevertheless around the world today in 2014,possessing the first petrol-powered vehicle. Country background Singapore is an affluent island nation, positioned in Southeast Asia within the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. The occupants of Singapore delight in one of the maximum standards associated on earth, with each capita GDP adequate to in which from the top international locations within American The european union. The particular economy would depend intensely upon exports, and the nation houses one of the busiest ports on earth. 2. SWOT analysis SWOT analysis is part of strategic planning. The SWOT analysis helps organizations assess issues within and outside the organization. The SWOT analysis, made up of an assessment of strengths, weaknesses, external opportunities and threats from competition, provides an outline for strategic decision-making Table 1 From the table above it is seen that strong brand value measures that Mercedes is considered as a premium brand, such as BMW, Porsche, Audi and etc. There is no exception that Mercedes will stay in premium segment for a very long time. Almost all the rich and old people prefer this particular car brand. Also, this company has an advantage over their competitors as increasing production hybrid cars because of environmental friendly and Ð µÃ'€Ã'Æ' exact number of miles driven. To produce high quality cars and hire well – educated employees makes production expensive. That is why Mercedes is interested in upper class people who are able to buy such a car. It makes the brand attractive investment for people with high income (upper class). PEST analysis Originally known as PEST Analysis, this is a macro environmental framework used to understand the impact of the external factors on the organization and is used as strategic analytical technique. Strengths Weakness Opportunities Threats Strong brand value High price cost Fast – growing company Government policy Leader in innovation Expensive service New products and services Increasing in competition High level safety of cars High fuel consumption Developing hybrid cars Decrease in demand Investment. Stereotype that this car is for the rich people Fuel price rises Rising price of raw material High quality It is hard to find manual transmission in such a car Positive attitude towards â€Å"green† vehicles Unexpected problems A PEST analysis is looks at how those external factors can affect a business’s activities and performance, and it can be used in combination with other tools. It helps to determine an organization’s overall outlook for success. Political Economic Socio – Cultural Technological Bureaucratic Interest rates Fast – growing society Modern technology Stable government law system High income level Diversity of cultures WI-FI zones Taxation system. High power of the local currency Variety of language cultures Automation of work Law level of corruption Low level of economic freedom (-2) Most of the people are in advanced age Production of high quality medical equipment Foreigners investment Trade freedom Prevalence of upper class Investment in technology Table 2 From the table above let us take 3 characteristics for discussion. Firstly, high income of Singapore measures that Mercedes – Benz is one of the most suitable brands for upper class. It is considered, that Mercedes – Benz is a car which is suitable for old population, especially for men. Therefore, this car brand has a priority to take Singapore as a sales leader in the adult audience because of the prevalence of old population. Diversity of cultures of the populations shows that every single nation has different understanding of car design. That is why this brand can offers cars such as â€Å"family car† like Sedan (C – class) to â€Å"celebrity car† as Crossovers (G – class) with the newest and technology to their customers. 1) Franki Colbert (n. d). Definition of a SWOT Analysis. Retrieved from: http://smallbusiness. chron. com/definition-swot-analysis-43274. html 2) Russ Heaps (n. d) 10 most expensive cars to own and drive. Retrieved from: http://www. bankrate. com/finance/auto/10-most-expensive-cars-to- own-and-drive-1. aspx 3) Chad Brooks (2013, November 22). PEST Analysis: Definition, Examples & Templates. Retrieved from http://www. businessnewsdaily. com/5512-pest-analysis-definition- examples-templates. html 4) Abha Pandey (2011, 26 September). What is PESTLE Analysis? Retrieved from: http://bpmgeek. com/blog/what-pestle-analysis 5) Leading through innovation (n. d/ n. a) http://www. mbusa. com/mercedes/benz/innovation.

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Apple Inc. Business Analysis - 3012 Words

Business Analysis of Apple Inc. On April 1, 1976 Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne joined together to form Apple Computer Incorporated. The concept behind their company was the creation of an inexpensive, simple to use personal computer kit. Working out of Jobs’ garage in Cupertino, California the trio designed and manufactured their first product in three months. They named this product the Apple I and it went on sale in July 1976 for $666.66. Six months after the release of the Apple I, Ronald Wayne opted to sell his share of the company back to Jobs and Wozniak for a meager $800. Soon thereafter multimillionaire Mike Markkula joined Apple and on January 3, 1977 the company was incorporated. Apple continued to gain†¦show more content†¦Instead, Jobs decided for Apple to concentrate exclusively on desktop and portable Macintoshes for professional and consumer customers (International Directory of Company Histories, 2001). With guidance and oversight from Jobs, Apple released the su ccessful iMAC in August of 1998. This marked Apple’s return to profitability. In 2005 the company underwent another period of change. From 2005-07 Apple transitioned from PowerPC processors to Intel x86 processors. While the former PowerPC processors were supplied by Motorola and IBM, Steve Jobs stated Apple’s lack of faith in Intel to meet the company’s needs for the future. In January of 2007, Steve Jobs announced that the company would now be known as Apple Inc. during the Macworld Expo in San Francisco, California. The change in name signaled the company’s change in focus from personal computers to mobile electronic devices (Macworld 2007). Apple Incorporated’s primary NAICS code is 334111. The company falls under the electronic computer manufacturing category. This U.S. industry’s primary function is in manufacturing and/or assembling electronic computers. According to the U.S. Census Bureau from 2002 the industry has 489 esta blishments. The industry net selling values for 2002 were $47,728,633,000. The annual payroll in this industry was $3,274,317,000 distributed among 62,253 employees (U.S. Census Bureau 2002). A geographic distribution of the industry shows that approximately one third ofShow MoreRelatedApple Inc: Business Analysis916 Words   |  4 PagesPart 1 The company I select for purposes of this analysis is Apple Inc. Regarded one of the most innovative companies in the Electronic Equipment industry, Apple Inc. concerns itself with not only the development but also the design and sale of personal computers, a wide range of hardware products like the iPhone, and computer software. Some of the companys most popular products include but they are not limited to the iPad tablet, the smartphone christened iPhone, and the hugely popular music playerRead MoreBusiness Analysis of Apple Inc.1710 Words   |  7 PagesBusiness Analysis of Apple Incorporated Sarah Norton MGT/521 May 16, 2011 Jerry Davis Business Analysis of Apple Incorporated Apple Incorporated is a company that has made their mark in designing and marketing electronics, computer software, and personal computers. Some of Apple Incorporated’s most notable products include the Macintosh computer, the iSeries; iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Along with these computer applications Apple IncorporatedRead MoreA Business Situation Analysis Of Apple Inc.3339 Words   |  14 PagesIntroduction This paper is a business situation analysis of Apple, Inc. Apple a market leader in the consumer computer industry with products including desktop, laptop, and handheld computers, as well phones, media streaming, and now watches. A multinational company, Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne on April 1, 1976. They specialize in designing, developing, and selling high-end computers, software, and other electronic devices. Because of Apple’s broad productRead MoreBusiness Analysis Part Ii: Apple, Inc.1450 Words   |  6 PagesBusiness Analysis Part II: Apple, Inc. MGT/Management 521 February 27, 2012 Apple, Inc. is appears to be a successful billion-dollar corporation, this analysis will focus on the financial health of this organization. In this analysis of Apple’s business environment focus will be placed on the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow. A comparative analysis will be conducted to that of its top competitors. Financial Health In any organization whether it is a large global corporationRead MoreApple, Inc. Business Analysis Essay984 Words   |  4 PagesApple, incorporated. Created by innovative CEO Steve jobs (who recently passed away) and with the support of Steve Wozniak, is now a multinational corporation that’s focuses on consumer electronics, computer software, and commercial servers. With its broad line of revenue including: the apple computer, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Mac apple strived for success with the idea to reach all consumers as its target market. The company started from Steve Jobs parent’s garage to its first building in CupertinoRead MoreAnalysis of Apple Inc. business Strategic Unit4242 Words   |  17 PagesAnalysis of Apple Inc. business Strategic Unit (iPad unit) Contents Introduction .................................................................................................................................................. 2 1. Strategic position of Apple Inc .................................................................................................................. 2 1.1 Competitive strategic position ............................................................................Read MoreThe Future Of Apple Inc.1590 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Apple Inc. has grown into one of the most valued companies in the world with their high quality, innovative and differentiating products. Apple has built a strong foundation for its efficient and fast growing business, over the past four decades, offering multiple products to meet consumer demand. The company designs and manufactures its’ products; including but not limited to the Mac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad. The business strategizes through a variety of techniques keeping competitorsRead MoreInternal Environment Of Apple Inc. Essay839 Words   |  4 PagesThis section of the report will examine and analyse the internal environment of Apple Inc. which will cover the organisation structure. The internal environment of Apple Inc. would be examined through the use of SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis is used to analyse an organisation s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, in this case, the organisation is Apple Inc. however for the purposes of this section of the report , only the strengths and weaknesses will be examined and analysed. MeyerRead MoreStrategic Analysis Of Iphone 6 And Ipad 61237 Words   |  5 PagesStrategic Analysis of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Background Company Overview Apple, Inc. is a multinational company of American origin that majors in the design, manufacture, and marketing of personal computers, portable digital music players, and mobile communication and media devices (Reuters, 2017). The company also sells a range of related software, accessories, services, networking solutions, and third-party digital content and applications. Apple, Inc. operates in different segments namelyRead MoreExternal and Internal Environmental Analysis Strategic Planning and Implementation1213 Words   |  5 Pagesand Internal Environmental Analysis Strategic Planning and Implementation STR/581 External and Internal Environmental Analysis Apple Inc. is a computer product company that was launched into the market through the collaborative efforts of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in the year of 1976 and is aimed at reaching the diverse global community. The changes in the external environment of the company determine the decisions that the corporation will make. Apple Inc. has reputable frameworks